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Art Seen Films is an intercultural project that distributes filmed theatre performances, translated and subtitled, into cinemas, arts centers and online streaming platforms across the globe. 


We offer a variety of works from a variety of countries, ranging from plays and musicals to, in the coming months, ballets and operas. Our goal is to share productions that bridge cultural gaps, allowing a far wider audience an opportunity to enjoy the full breadth of worldwide theatre on the big screen.


Currently we are working with cinema partners in the US, the UK, Canada, Mexico, Latin and South America, China, Indonesia and in select EU countries. We endeavor to add more countries to this list as markets become available.


For those unable to view our films at a movie theater, we also offer access to many of the performances via our own and partnered streaming platforms. A title by title search of this website will provide you with information and links for participating platforms


Thanks so much for your interest. To subscribe to our mailing list with all the latest information, feel free to enroll via our CONTACT US page. There, you can also ask us any questions, make requests or provide suggestions. We're all ears!


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