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Valery Ushakov’s endlessly fascinating “Márquez Without Words ” is a philosophical parable narrated by the language of the body and music. The protagonist, Aureliano, notices one day that the world around him has turned upside down. To understand what is happening, he turns to a series of boxes that store memories of his past. Opening them one by one, he embarks on a journey through his life, his loves, his losses, his childhood and his regrets, all in search of the one central memory for which he has lived.

Presented in Russian w/ English subtitles.

Running time: 1hr 25m

Photos by Alexandra Torgushnikova, Dmitry Dubinsky



Written and Directed by Valery Ushakov

Inspired by the works of Gabriel García Márquez

Sets and Costumes by Maria Butusova

Lighting Design by Mikhail Khvastunov

Assistant Lighting Designer Artem Kochergo

Sound by Dmitriy Minaev, Vadim Bulikov

Make up by Denis Zinoviev

Special Effects by Pavel Gorbunov

Composer Kirill Zheleznov

Assistant Directors: Ksenia Kuznetsova,
Natalia Chaika, Natalia Charitonova


Aureliano – Yan Gakharmanov

The Colonel – Mark Burlai

The Mother – Anastasia Zhdanova

The Father – Vasiliy Tsygantsov

The Beautiful Lady – Lada Churovskaya

The Dark Knight – Andrei Vistin

Narrated by Anatoly Mentchikov



Watch Online

Russian w/ English subtitles

Rent $3.99, Purchase $9.99

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