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About Werther


In the fictional village of Wahlheim, Werther (Super Junior’s Kyuhyun), a young artist of a sensitive and passionate temperament, meets Lotte (Jihye Lee), a beautiful young woman who looks after her siblings following the death of their mother. Werther falls in love with Lotte despite knowing that she is engaged to a man named Albert (Sanghyun Lee), eleven years her senior. Despite the pain it causes him, Werther spends the next few months cultivating a close friendship with them both. His sorrow eventually becomes so unbearable that he is forced to leave the village. Upon returning, he finds that Lotte and Albert are now married. Every day becomes a torturing reminder that Lotte will never be able to requite his love. Werther determines that one member of the love triangle – Charlotte, Albert or Werther himself – must die to resolve the situation.

Based on the novel “The Sorrows of Young Werther” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Filmed before a live audience at the Kwanglim Arts Center BBCH Hall.

Presented in Korean with English subtitles.

Running time: 2h 25min



WERTHER – Kyuhyun

LOTTE – Jihye Lee

ALBERT – Sanghyun Lee

ORKA – Hyunsook Kim

KEINS – Joonhyuk Lim

KATHY – Sooha

MAILMAN – Kang Lee


Book by Seonwoong Go

Composed by Minsun Jung 

Directed by Kwanghwa Cho

Music Director, Co-director Soyoung Koo

Music Arranged by Jiwon Lee

Choreography Jihyun Noh 

Set Design by Seungho Jung 

Costumes by Jungim Han

Lighting by Taejin Jung

Sound by Seokho Yang

Makeup by Yuseon Kim

Props by Jooyeon No

Filming & Editing / Korea Film Federation

Produced by CJ ENM, Total Performance


Now available for PREODER (rent or purchase) in the US, UK, Canada and Australia


Screenings of Werther are planned for Mexico and Latin America in Spring 2024.

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